Let the Poet Speak! – Susan Cummins Miller

On Reading a Poem by Ghalib during the Pandemic
After You Left
The Entropy of Water

Tucson writer Susan Cummins Miller, a former field geologist, paleontologist, and college instructor, has published six novels and an anthology containing the works of 34 women writers of the American frontier. Her writing, inspired by her life and work in the desert West, arises from the intersections of landscape, science, history, prehistory, and time. Two poetry collections, Making Silent Stones Sing and Deciphering The Desert: a book of poems, are forthcoming from Finishing Line Press (2022; 2023). Website: http://www.susancumminsmiller.com

Finishing Line Press





Mysteries & Nonfiction @ Texas Tech University Press:

Frankie MacFarlane, Geologist, Mysteries: Death Assemblage, Detachment Fault, Quarry, Hoodoo, Fracture, and Chasm

A Sweet Separate IntimacyWomen Writers of the American Frontier, 1800-1922 

Poetry @ Finishing Line Press:

Making Silent Stones Sing (chapbook; 2022) https://www.finishinglinepress.com/product/making-silent-stones-sing-by-susan-cummins-miller/

Deciphering the Desert: a book of poems (2023)

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