The Winter 21-1 Issue

Winter 21-1 Issue

The Winter 21-1 Issue of Gyroscope Review has arrived! Filled with poems addressing the world as we know it, and the world as we’d like it to be. Read diverse voices such as:

Paul David Adkins, William Blackburn, Michael Boccardo, Nancy Botkin, Susan Campbell, Elise Chadwick, Sudasi Clement, David Colodney, Dale Cottingham, Shannon Cuthbert, Martins Deep, William Doreski, Howard Faerstein, Karen George, Marissa Glover, Stephen Ground, Cordelia Hanemann, Anna Idelevich, Kimberly Jarchow, Lily Kardon, Kathleen Klassen, Lois, Levinson, David Lewitzky, Lorette C. Luzajic, Helene Macaulay, Mandy Macdonald, D.S., Maolalai, Kevin Miller, Will Neuenfeldt, Susan Notar, Peter O’Donovan, Jimmy Pappas, Joseph Pete, A. Rabaduex, Bruce Robinson, Shyla Shehan, Philip St. Clair, Travis Stephens, Teresa Sutton, Debbie Trantow, Carol Tyx, Sherre Verno, Karen Whittington Nelson, Martin Willitts Jr, Mike Wilson, Kuo Zhang, James K.Zimmerman.

Gyroscope Review Winter 2021 Issue 21-1

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With the Spring 2021 Issue, Gyroscope Review celebrates its 6th Anniversary.

In honor of our anniversary, and the tumultuous year we had in 2020, including lockdowns and stay at home orders, we are calling for poems that speak of place. Write about your state, your city, your street, the apartment building you live in, the bodega on the corner. We haven’t been vacationing the past year, what can you tell us about your place that takes us there? I want to travel through your poems and get a glimpse of your little corner of the world. The issue will be taking regular submissions alongside Place submissions, but we hope you’ll consider taking a shot at the theme.