Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes – turn and face the page

(Our apologies to David Bowie, may he rest in peace.)

Changes are indeed afoot at Gyroscope Review. We’ve been listening, reading, soliciting comments, interacting, and hoping that our readers find us an irresistible poetry journal. And we’ve heard some really nice things about our efforts. For that, we thank you.

But here’s the thing: many poets and readers share a love of an actual printed page. Virtual pages are pretty awesome and relatively easy to set up. But printed pages, pages that you can hold in your hands, are still the epitome of an excellent reading experience.

Thus, we are going to change the way we offer our quarterly issues of Gyroscope Review. Beginning with our upcoming winter issue, we will no longer be using Joomag, the digital platform that offers a virtual magazine experience for those of you who read us on laptop and desktop computers.

Instead, we are going to continue to maintain PDF versions of all of our issues on our website. Those issues will always be free and available to you when you are online. PDFs can be opened in iBooks, so you can put a copy on your virtual bookshelf if you have one. But we know that, for some, this is not enough. So, for you, we are going to begin offering a print-on-demand option that will allow you to purchase a hard copy of Gyroscope Review and have it delivered to your doorstep. You will be able to read us in the tub, on the bus, on the train, in the woods, and while waiting for your kid’s sports event to finish without needing to recharge a device. You can stuff a copy into your book bag, your suitcase, your briefcase, your backpack. You can take us camping, far away from any wi-fi signals or electrical outlets.

We are excited about this change and we are giving you an early heads-up so that you can familiarize yourself with our PDF versions if you have not already done so. But we really hope you will take advantage of the chance to buy a print copy of Gyroscope Review. It’s a lovely thing when someone looks at a book in your hands and asks you what you’re reading.

Gyroscope Review Issue 16-4 front coverSummer 2016 Gyroscope Review cover

Read our Fall 2016 issue in its PDF format here: ISSUE 16-4

Read our Summer 2016 issue in its PDF format here: ISSUE 16-3