This is it!

Oh boy oh boy oh boy…..Our very first issue is ready and will be available to read tomorrow, April 1. We’re not fooling!


Our Spring Issue is Now Filled

We have great news!

Our inaugural issue, to be published in April, is now full. We are thrilled with the amount and quality of submissions we received and can’t wait to share our first issue with you.

Gyroscope Review will begin reading for the summer issue on April 15.

Thank you to all the poets out there who sent excellent work our way.



Gyroscope Review anticipates its first digital issue’s release in the spring of 2015, at which time this page will reveal the poetry journal you’ve been waiting for all your life. Or, at least, the part of the your life that understood poetry could be cool. And necessary. And amazing.

So check back here later. We promise you’ll like the view.