Moonglow on Mercy Street by John Biscello – Book Review

Book Review – The tenor of John Biscello’s new book of poems, Moonglow on Mercy Street, is set in the first poem with the line “stepping boldly and bravely into the glaring unknown.” There is liberal use of the cosmic to explain details of life, and the repercussions of actions. I enjoyed the strength in many of the compact little poems that summed up a thought in a few concise lines. Many interesting images are…

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Gyroscope Review 2020 Anthology Available Now

The 2020 Gyroscope Review Anthology is here, just in time for the holidays! Get all 4 issues from 2020 in one convenient magazine. This year’s anthology is titled, “Lockdowns and Work Arounds”, due to the unusual nature of 2020 and how we’ve had to deal with Covid 19. Explore reactions from around the country and world to coronavirus, protests, politics, and more. The 2020 Anthology is only available in paperback from Amazon. Grab a copy…

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Killing Pesky Clichés

One thing we see a lot of here at Gyroscope Review is a good poem—that suddenly goes wrong. In their haste to put a tidy bow at the end of the poem, the poet wraps it up with a cliché. Instead of ending strong and leaving the reader to marvel at the deft wording, the poet tries to evoke the emotion they want us to feel with a stock image/phrase. It doesn’t work. The reader…

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Book Review – The Only Light Coming In by Joseph Hardy

Joseph Hardy’s poetry book The Only Light Coming In is a volume filled with reflections on relationships, some good, some bad, some still a mystery to the author. Hardy spends time to do introspection on the past in a way we are all familiar with, joys, regrets, and searing moments we’ll never be able to get rid of. The overarching theme to “The Only Light Coming In” could very well be, pick yourself up and…

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