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Fall 2022 Crone Power Issue

The Fall 2022 Crone Power Issue of Gyroscope Review is a special issue, dedicated to women identifying poets over the age of 50. We feel this demographic is often overlooked as a source of power and inspiration in poetry, and we love to give voice to these unique poets. Their words come from the heart. Read the work of this incredible group of poets and come away moved by their energy and strength. Gyroscope Review…

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4 Ways to Jump Start Your Poetry

4 Ways to Jump Start Your Poetry: Imagine you’re driving on an unknown dirt road and come to a five-way stop. (work with me here) Not using a GPS, or a map, you need to make a decision on which way to go. You know where you’ve been. Excitement rises at the possibilities. Each direction hides interesting prospects. What do you do? Don’t stick to one direction, choose all 4 unknown paths. Drive with purpose…

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Summer 2022 Issue

We welcome the Summer 2022 Issue of Gyroscope Review to our lineup. This issue is chock full of wonderful poetry by a diverse group of established and emerging poets including— Jay Aja, Tobi Alfier, DeAnna Beachley, Marjorie Becker, Jean Biegun, CL Bledsoe, James Bohen, Nancy Botkin, Oisin Breen, Rohan Buettel, Susan Cossette, John M. Davis, Jeanne DeLarm, Joseph DiNallo, Carla Drysdale, Scott  Ferry, Harrison Fisher, Alfred Fournier, Susana Gonzales, Ken Gosse, Gloria Heffernan, Maryann Hurtt,…

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You Do You

No matter what the circumstances, you do you. Almost all Lit mags tell you to read past issues to get a feel for what they want. That’s mostly true. There’s a pattern there, sometimes subconscious, of what the editors are attracted to in a poem. We all have our likes and dislikes, our biases, and prejudices. We try to be aware of our faults and put our predispositions aside. It doesn’t always work. We’re human,…

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