Constance Brewer, Editor

Constance Brewer likes pie more than cake, and Welsh Corgis over engineering.  She also doodles on unmoving objects.  Constance lives in Wyoming amid the wide open spaces  – for now. Her poetry can be found in Harpur Palate, Crafty Poet II by Diane Lockward, Dark Matter Literary Journal, The Linnet’s Wings, The Nassau Review, Ribbons, American Tanka and the New Poets of the American West Anthology. She was an editor for Every Day Poets for five and a half years.  Constance has an MFA from the University of Buffalo, and is the winner of a 2016 Wyoming Arts Council Fellowship grant.

Her poetic influences and favorites include: Louise Gluck, Sharon Olds, Robert Creeley, Marge Piercy, Carl Dennis, W.S. Merwin, Robert Frost, Naomi Shihab Nye, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Emily Dickinson, and William Shakespeare. Constance is a fan of free verse, but does enjoy a well rhymed poem. As an editor she prefers attention to detail and poetic craft. Poems that resonate, offer a new look on a common theme, and show an awareness of language will always get her attention.


Kathleen Cassen Mickelson, Editor

Kathleen Cassen Mickelson would rather write anything other than her own bio, but understands that readers expect this sort of thing. So, here is why it’s reasonable for her to be an editor at Gyroscope Review: She has varied slush reader experience (Every Day Poets, Mid-List Press, Fine Linen Magazine), editorial experience (Every Day Poets, Fine Linen Magazine), and has been published in more than one place (Boston Literary Magazine, Every Day Poets, Flash Fiction Chronicles, The Linnet’s Wings, Postcard Poems and Prose, Saturday Night Reader, and others). She reads all kinds of stuff, including the comics, and likes poetry by Robert Bly, Diane DiPrima, Maxine Kumin, Jim Moore, Naomi Shihab Nye, Mary Oliver, and Gary Snyder among others. Kathleen earned her  MFA in creative writing (Hamline University, St. Paul, Minnesota) and she had fun getting it because, damn it, writing should be fun. It’s the revision that’s a ton of work.

Poetry submissions that rhyme and bemoan lost love are least likely to get Kathleen’s vote. Her favorite submissions are lean, unpretentious examinations of daily living that pull readers into a surprising place through strong images and active language.


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