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Book Links Party 2017 – The Final Post For National Poetry Month

Welcome to our final post for our Book Links Party 2017 in honor of National Poetry Month.   We had hoped to have a few more book links to share this week, but we only received  two. Here they are; click on the book covers to link to the publishers’ websites:


Line Study of a Motel Clerk by Allison Pitinii Davis
Line Study of a Motel Clerk by Allison Pitinii Davis. Baobab Press, $17.00.


Like a Fish Out Of Batter by Catherine Graham
Like A Fish Out Of Batter by Catherine Graham. Indigo Dreams Publishing Ltd (U.K.), £6.00.

Our earlier Book Links Party 2017 post links are below:

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Congratulations to each and every author who shared a link with us on getting a book published! Please show your support by buying poetry books, sharing poetry books, listening to poets read their work.

Of course, we hope you wrap up the month with poetry from our contributing authors, too, by checking out our newly-available print editions:

The Anniversary Issue
ISSUE 17-2 SPRING 2017


Issue 17-1 Cover
ISSUE 17-1 WINTER 2017

And, finally, we wish you happy National Poem in Your Pocket Day! What poem will you carry to share with the world? We agree that poetry is best when shared.

Thank you for being part of our poetry community.


The 2017 Book Links Party Post #3

Welcome to our third post for Book Links Party 2017 in honor of  National Poetry Month! Here are today’s links to recently-published books of poetry. Please check them all out. Share the love.

field guide to autobiography by Melissa Eleftherion. H_ngm_n Books, $15.95.


Giving Ground by Lynn M. Knapp. The Poetry Box, $12.00.


Straya by Paul Summers. Smokestack Books (U.K.), £7.99.


We have one more planned Book Links Party 2017 post for this month coming up. If you have had a book of poetry published between May 2016 and now, send us a link to your publisher’s listing for the book (no self-published books at this time) and a jpg of the book cover via email at

Congratulations to all the authors who have shared their recent publications with us this month!

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The 2017 Book Links Party – Post #2

Welcome to our second post for our National Poetry Month Book Links Party 2017. Click on a book cover below to link to the book publisher’s listing for that book. See what new poetry is waiting for you.


Ghost Child of the Atalanta Bloom by Rebecca Aronson. Orison Books, $16.00


Mean/time: Poems by Grace Bauer. University of New Mexico Press, $18.95


Blood on the Ground: Elegies for Waiilatpu by Lenora Rain-Lee Good. Redbat Books, $15.00



Wives’ Tales by Marjorie Maddox. Seven Kitchens Press, $9.00


Star-Blind in the Family of Fortune Keepers by Melissa Atkinson Mercer. Hermeneutic Chaos Press, $8.00


Notes from a Nomad by Sarah Dickenson Snyder. Finishing Line Press, $14.99


The Human Contract by Sarah Dickenson Snyder. Aldrich Press, $14.00


Celebrate National Poetry Month with us! If you have a poetry book that has been published between May 2016 and now and is not self-published, we invite you to send us a 300-dpi jpg of your book cover (not a pdf, please) with a link to your book’s listing on your publisher’s website via our email: Our next post will be in one week.




It’s Here! The 2017 Book Links Party – #1

Welcome to our first Books Links Party post for National Poetry Month 2017. Check out these recently published poetry books. Click on the cover image for more information.


Staring through My Eyes by Sylvia Cavanaugh
Staring Through My Eyes by Sylvia Cavanaugh, Finishing Line Press, $14.99


Three Pounds of Cells by Oonah V Joslin
Three Pounds of Cells by Oonah V Joslin, The Linnet’s Wings Press, $10.00


She May be a Saint by Sarah Nichols, Hermeneutic Chaos Press, $8.00


Sounds of Morning by Anita S. Pulier, Finishing Line Press, $14.99


Velocipede by Laura Madeline Wiseman, Texas A&M University Press, $16.00

If you would like to be part of our next Book Links Party post, email us at with a 300-dpi or better jpg of your book cover and a link to the book’s listing at the publisher’s website. To qualify, books must have been published between May 2016 and now, and are not self-published. Our goal is to share as many recently-published books of poetry as possible. Join us!